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Tori Nacōl is a New York based documentary and portrait photographer. In the earliest years of her life she experienced a great deal of relocating from state to state, city to city, school to school. With this variety of changing social environments, Tori began to see the immense beauty of new people and places and their many differences and similarities to her. The camera became her way of connecting with others and sharing more deeply in their lives. She has  explored  Africa, Europe, and South America, which furthered her documentarian spirit and approach with photography. Tori recently completed the 1-Year Certificate Conservatory Program in Photography at the New York Film Academy and is working as a portrait, lifestyle, event and documentary photographer in New York, a city full of cultural adventures to be had and a diversity of people to connect with. She loves interacting with and capturing new people. Embrace that desire and curiosity around working with her and reach out to her!
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